Lobesia Botrana Pheromone


Lobesia Botrana Pheromone


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The most well-studied category of pheromones are sex pheromones, which find application in the control and monitoring of lepidopteran populations.

Eudemidae, Lobesia botrana is a lepidoptera that originated in Italy and is one of the most common vine parasites in Europe. It was recorded in America for the first time in the last decade. It prefers vines, but can also attack rosemary or almond. Females can lay more than 30 eggs a day. The first generation larvae feed on the leaves, but the next generations feed on the rails, which leads to reduced yields. Precautions include pheromone traps, continuous crop monitoring and weed removal. Pheromone traps are a commonly used technique. They attract male insects, keeping them away from fertile females. Thus, they reduce their reproduction and therefore their population. Chemical control should be used only in cases of extensive infestations and always under the supervision of an agronomist.

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