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  • Syntropic Farming in citrus fruits:
    An original cultivation technique in the experimental field of the company ANYFION Enthalpy (translation of the term Syntropy) is a word derived from the ancient Greek language, and describes all the energy contained / trapped inside a system. It is the opposite of Entropy.The processes that take place in such a system help the system […]
  • 🌱Organic Crop Certification Process with 4 steps
    The Organic Crop Certification Process may seem complicated, but it becomes simple by doing the following 4 steps: 1️⃣. We contact one of the Approved Bodies for Control and Certification of Organic Agriculture Products (http: // /…/ egekrimenos_epikairopoimenos …)2️⃣. We are informed by the Agency about the Regulation of Certification Services of Organic Products and […]
  • 🌱The role of organic matter in soil structure and quality.
    Agricultural production systems based solely on the use of inorganic fertilizers and plant protection products are intended to maximize agricultural production, without, however, considering the soil as an ecosystem. The above agricultural practice has led to the degradation of the environment and the ecosystem services offered by the soil, such as: ✅ Food production, ✅ […]