Funguran-OH 2,4 Kg


Funguran-OH 2,4 Kg


Metallic Copper (in the form of copper hydroxide) 30% w / v + Excipients 61.21% w / w.

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Guaranteed Composition: Metallic Copper (in the form of copper hydroxide) 30% w / v + Excipients 61.21% w / w.

Packaging Form: Concentrated Suspension (SC).

Product Distribution License Number (AADA): 60801 / 24-12-2018.

Formulation Approval: CE% A3% CE% 97-% CE% A3% CE% 9A% CE% 95% CE% A5% CE% 91% CE% A3% CE% 9C% CE% 91% CE% A4% CE% 9F% CE % A3.pdf

Tag: % 9A% CE% 9F-% CE% A6% CE% A5% CE% 9B% CE% 9B% CE% 91% CE% 94% CE% 99% CE% 9F.pdf

*Pesticides Require Prescription (Spraying License)


Citrus fruits / 21 days.
Acorns (Almond, Walnut) / 28 days.
Apples, Nuts / Not applicable (determined by the development stage of the crop during application).

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Crops / Benefits:

-Citrus fruits (Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Neratzia)
– Pear (Phoma tracheiphila), Charcoal (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides), -Septoria (Septoria spp.), Infection of twigs, leaves and syringes.
-Aloe vera – Koryneo (Stigmina carpophila), Extrusion of trunk and branches (Pseudomonas amygdali).
-Walnut – Anthranosis (Marssonina juglandis).
-Apples (Apple, Pear) – Fusicladium (Venturia inequalis, Venturia pirina), Septoria (Septoria sp.), Gray rot (Sclerotinia laxa), Bacteriosis (Pseudomonas syringae), Bacterial blight (Erwinia amylovora).
-Apricot – Koryneo (Stigmina carpophila), Gray rot (Sclerotinia laxa).
-Cherry – Koryneo (Stigmina carpophila), Infection by Pseudomonas syringae.
-Peach – Koryneo (Stigmina carpophila), Exoskeleton (Taphrina deformans), Branching (Cladosporium carpophilum), Gray rot (Sclerotinia laxa), Bacterial ulcer (Pseudomonas sp.).
-Vine (for table and wine grapes) – Downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola), Carbonation (Elsinoe ampelina), Bacterial necrosis (Xanthomonas ampelina).
-Olive – Cycloconium (Cycloconium oleaginum), Gliosporium (Gleosporium olivarum), Cancer (Pseudomonas savastanoi).
-Carrot – Cercospora carotae, Bacteriosis (Pseudomonas spp.).
-Tomato (Y + Θ) & Pepper (Y + Θ) – Downy mildew (Phytophthora infestans, Peronospora tabacina), Branching (Cladosporium fulvum), —Septoria (Septoria lycopersici), Carbonation (Colletotrichum sp.), Bacterium (X. ).
-Zucchini (Y + I) (Cucumber (Y + I), Zucchini (Y + I), Melon (Y + I), Watermelon (Y + I)) – Downy mildew (Pseudoperono spora cubensis), -Carbonation (Colletotrichum lagenarium), Branching (Cladosporium cucumerinum), Bacteriosis (Erwinia tracheiphila).
-Bean – Cercospora (Cercospora sp.), Bacteriosis (Xanthomonas sp., Pseudomonas phaseolicola).
-Celery – Septoria (Septoria apii), Cercospora apii.
-Peanut – Cercospora sp. (Cercospora sp.).
-Potato – Downy mildew (Phytophthora infestans), Carbonation (Colletotrichum atramentarium).
-Sugar beets – Cercospora beticola.

Packages: 5 liter container. – (4) per carton, Container 2.5 liters. – (6) per carton, 1 liter bottle. – (12) per carton.