Copper Sulfate Powder Poland 25Kg


Copper Sulfate Powder Poland 25Kg


Copper sulfate is a chemical compound of divalent copper (Cu). It is a copper sulfate carried by the chemical formula CuSO4. It is characterized as anhydrous, in contrast to its hydrated form, (CuSO4.5H2O) which is better known as blue stone.

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Blue stone or otherwise copper sulfate in powder. The well-known blue stone is characterized by its flexibility to be applied to treat various conditions and diseases.
More specifically, the blue stone is used as:

Herbicidal and / or bactericidal.
Soil strengthener (fertilizer) before sowing.
In the sprinkling of fruits and in viticulture.
Basic ingredient in the construction of bordigal pulp.


*Pesticides Require Prescription (Spraying License)

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