Biohumin 20Kg


Biohumin 20Kg


Soil-improving organo-nutritional product

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Soil-improving organo-nutritional product
Humic fulvic acids 20%
Suitable for use in Organic Agriculture, according to Annex II of 2092/91 EU.


Bion activator from leonardite, in liquid lip form. It is applied by foliar spraying and by watering. Contains macronutrients, micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, growth regulators and high quality organic matter, Improves soil profile, leaves no nitrate residues in the aquifer, (FRIENDLY TO THE ENVIRONMENT) increases resistance to flowering BioHumin benefits all types of crops and is suitable for use in all soil types.


Nitrogen N organic   0.8%

Phosphorus P2O5    0.3%

Potassium K2O organic  0.2%

Sulfur S    0.5%

Calcium CaO    1%

Magnesium MgO   0.18%

Trace elements (Fe, Mn, B, Zn)    0.3%

Organic Substance    45%

Humic Fulvic Acids    20%

PH (1: 100 solution)    7.5

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Excellent source of humic and fulvic acids (soluble and insoluble in water).
High organic carbon content.
Source of a wide range of nutrients and trace elements.
High cation exchange capacity (CEC) for better nutrient retention.
PH adjusting capacity, to correct soil acidity.
Good soil structure, which supports the activity of beneficial microorganisms.
Natural insect repellent.
Natural fungicidal agents.