Beeline-STD Tomato Hive


Beeline-STD Tomato Hive


Natural fertilization hives

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The flowers need pollination to optimize the quality and quantity of the fruit. In most tomato, strawberry and tree crops, bumblebees are used for pollination, due to their significant impact on quality optimization and improved fruit binding. Bumblebees need sugar water to feed the colony and the energy required for flights. They also need pollen as a source of protein for reproduction. Because tomato flowers do not contain nectar, a source of carbohydrates is required to feed the colony. The success of a hive in the greenhouse depends on the good growth of the colony. The ability of bumblebees to collect and transport pollen as well as the amount of pollen that the flowers have, depends on cultivation techniques. The amount of water given to plants can to affect the quality of the pollen, thus affecting the growth of the hive at the same time. Water stress and high temperatures adversely affect pollen. If the plants are watered at the wrong time and the temperature is high, the humidity inside the flower increases and the pollen acquires a sticky texture. Bombs generally do not prefer sticky pollen. In this case, even adding an extra hive will not improve pollination. When many lateral shoots are allowed to grow on the plantation, then there will be a period of time with a large number of open flowers. In this case, if the existing number of hives is not sufficient for good fertilization, then it is recommended to add an additional hive / s. Flowers pointing upwards, pale yellow or if the stamen is out of bloom, then these flowers are not attractive to bumblebees. They usually tend to visit healthy flowers.

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All cells are supplied with a sufficient amount of sugar water. All cells contain bumblebees at various stages of their biological cycle. Cell insulation is available on request.

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