Amino 16 5lt


Amino 16 5lt


Amino16 is a solution of high concentration of L-amino acids of plant origin, which contributes to their faster and more efficient absorption by plant tissue

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Amino16 is derived from the hydrolysis/extraction of exclusively non-GMO, protein-rich plant raw materials, which makes it suitable for use in both conventional and organic agriculture. This organic mixture produced contains a solution of 16 L-amino acids – the basic building blocks of proteins – and organic nitrogen. Its plant origin is the reason for its high concentration of L-amino acids and the balanced relationship between them, which is identical to the physiology of any plant organism.

Amino 16 is manufactured with cutting-edge technology and has been granted a European Patent on 2/10/2013, EP 2537823. Research conducted by the R&D department of EBYP, Scientific Partners and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Thessaloniki have proven that Amino 16 has achieved the improvement of many different crops. Impressive results have also been obtained in the parainutrition of olives.

Free L-Amino Acids 11,3%
Total Nitrogen (N) 3%
Organic matter 33%

List of 16 L-amino acids:

L-Glutamic acid L-Proline
L- Propraline L- Proline L- Phenylalanine
L- Threonine L- Alanine
L- Glycine L- Lysine
L- Serine L- Valine
L- Isoleucine L- Histidine
L- Aspartic acid L- Methionine
L- Leucine L- Arginine


Amino16 is a solution of high concentration of L-amino acids of plant origin, which contributes to their faster and more efficient absorption by plant tissue. It combines with most plant protection products and trans-fertilizers, enhancing their action by facilitating their absorption by the plant. It is applied at all stages of plant growth and has a positive effect on the development of plant production in the field, greenhouse and orchard, while being environmentally friendly and safe for the producer and the consumer.

According to studies conducted by the Department of Cabbage Growing of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Research and Development (R&D) team of EVYP, Amino16:

– Activates natural defense mechanisms.

– Stimulates the basic functions of metabolism.

– Dramatically enhances fruit setting.

– It effectively reduces fruit drop.

– Increases production.

– Improves quality. [read more]

– It enhances the growth of the root system, helping the plant to make better use of the nutrients from fertilization, since a major problem of dynamic – intensive crops (e.g. greenhouses, flower gardens, cotton, horticulture, etc.) is the over-fertilization of the soil so that it cannot be absorbed.

– It enhances the effectiveness of fertilizers.

– It facilitates the action of plant protection products.

– Strengthens crops in coping with extreme weather stress events (ice, drought, weed attack, high/low temperature).

– Improves fruit size and colour.

– It is highly soluble in water, fully biodegradable.

– Leaves no residues.

– It is the only one with pH 3, which implies very high speed of action and effectiveness.

– It can be applied at all stages of plant growth.

– It positively affects photosynthesis, increasing the chlorophyll produced, resulting in a greener colour and faster growth of plant shoots.

– It improves the shelf life and the appearance of fruits and vegetables.

EVYP S.A. proposes innovative, effective and economical solutions that can relieve Greek farmers from the high cost of production, while ensuring high quality products, with respect to the environment.


Amino 16® biostimulant is applicable to all crops and combines well with most plant protection products and trans-fertilizers. Amino 16® helps plants to recover from difficult conditions – stress conditions (very low or very high temperatures, low soil moisture or flooded soil, frost, hail, high pesticide use).

Interfoliar applications

– Spraying on foliage with a solution of 300-600ml of Amino16® for every 100lt of water. Doses and frequency of applications vary depending on the crop and vegetative stage.

Soil application

– 1-2lt of Amino16® per acre through the irrigation network. Doses and frequency of applications vary according to crop and vegetative stage. [/read]

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