🌱The role of organic matter in soil structure and quality.

Agricultural production systems based solely on the use of inorganic fertilizers and plant protection products are intended to maximize agricultural production, without, however, considering the soil as an ecosystem.

The above agricultural practice has led to the degradation of the environment and the ecosystem services offered by the soil, such as:

✅ Food production,

✅ Filtration and movement of water and nutrients,

✅ biodiversity and

✅ storage of organic matter. The quality of the soil and the functions it performs are directly related to the soil content of organic matter and the stability of the agglomerates to the effect of water.

In general, ASA compost had a significant effect on:
– agglomeration and
– soil enrichment with soil organic matter.

The use of a mixture of compost and manure shows the best results because it combines the positive effect of compost on soil structure, with the beneficial microbial load and nutrients offered by manure for crop growth.

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