🌱Organic Crop Certification Process with 4 steps

❗The Organic Crop Certification Process may seem complicated, but it becomes simple by doing the following 4 steps:

1️⃣. We contact one of the Approved Bodies for Control and Certification of Organic Agriculture Products (http: // /…/ egekrimenos_epikairopoimenos …)
2️⃣. We are informed by the Agency about the Regulation of Certification Services of Organic Products and about the cost of certification.
3️⃣. We collect and complete the necessary documents:

  • IACS declaration for the current year (parcel registration form)
  • Questionnaire (sent by the Agency)
  • Responsible Declaration Document (sent by the Institution)

4️⃣. We send the completed documents to the certification body and the contract between us is concluded. The date of signing the contract is the starting point of the certification process.
These are the 4 steps of the certification process!
When joining the system of Control and Certification of Organic Agriculture Products we must observe, in addition to the general principles of organic farming, the following:
Εργα Work log
✅ Input file (fertilizers – plant protection products)
✅ Sales record
📍 Useful information!
We necessarily include all units with similar crops in the certification.

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